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TcSUH is a large multidisciplinary university-based superconductivity and advanced materials research center. We have over 200 faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scholars from five departments who work to discover and improve new materials, advance science and engineering, and transfer breakthroughs in technology to the industrial sector, impacting the emerging HTS electric power community, the medical community and other sectors. The Center’s multidisciplinary research programs are training the next generation of scientists and engineers. TcSUH alumni play key leadership roles in U.S. and international industries, government laboratories and universities. We are housed in the Houston Science Center and several other buildings on the University of Houston campus. The Center draws personnel from the departments of physics, chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering that create and develop high temperature superconducting (HTS) and advanced materials and further their fundamental understanding, and applications. We have spun off four national research centers and six start-up companies.

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TcSUHEvent Center

Here are the current, most recent TcSUH seminars, symposiums, and special events:

Texas Center for Superconductivity Scholarships

TcSUH offers scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students working with and/or advised by TcSUH faculty members. They are intended to promote TcSUH research programs in High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS) and related materials.

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UH Research Breakthrough Lands Journal Cover

The article, titled “High efficiency flexible III/V photovoltaic solar cells based on single crystal-like thin films directly grown [...]

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New Thermoelectric Material Delivers Record Performance

Taking advantage of recent advances in using theoretical calculations to predict the properties of new materials, researchers [...]

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Researchers Report Advances in Stretchable Rubbery Semiconductors, Rubbery Integrated Electronics

Researchers from the University of Houston have reported significant advances in stretchable electronics, moving [...]

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New Method Yields Higher Transition Temperature in Superconducting Materials

Researchers from the University of Houston have reported a new way to raise the transition temperature of superconducting [...]

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